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I could go through the several key exercises that will help you define your midsection… you could read the articles and descriptions… view the pictures and instructions… and you will have a good idea of whats involved. But… one thing is definitely for sure, if you are not willing to drive yourself and push past the feeling of giving up, then you are not going to get anywhere and you might as well quit now.

Many people want great sculpted abs but are not willing to put the time and effort required into obtaining them. Does this mean you can’t lose that gut you’ve worked so hard to develop, not at all. You will definitely be able to shed the fat and have a lean belly. But, its sacrifice, dedication, and determination that will define your Abs and the type of person you are.

Abs is your core and the fundamental center of your strength. Even if you can’t see your abs, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have strength there. An accumulation of fat hides the muscles we so desperately want to show off. Once the fat starts burning away, the Ab muscles starting becoming visible. But… it is not as simple as just doing thousands of sit-ups. *Make sure to follow a strict diet and exercise regiment to expedite the results and further propel your goals.

Regardless of how defined you want to be you need to make sure you set a goal, establish a routine and keep following it. Results do not happen overnight and it is hard to see what progress you are making if you are a mirror-junky (staring at yourself in the mirror every chance you get). Do yourself a favor and take a before picture of yourself, save it and do not look at it again until the time is right. Each week take another picture of yourself. The time to analyze is on a month-to-month basis. Compare your before picture against the 4th week then again on the 8th, 12th, 16th, and 24th week picture. This way you can see the transition your body made and determine each month if the routine you are following is making an impact. *Discipline is the key!

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Below, the ABS have been broken down into 3 different sections: The Upper ABS which are just below your chest to above your belly button, Lower ABS which are from your belly button on down, and Obliques are the sides of your body from the side of your chest to your hips. Yes… There are countless exercises you could do to work on your ABS, but Fitness Drive is not in the habit of making it more confusing than it needs to be. A few key exercises have been listed below each section to provide a basis of where to start. Click on the link to see how to perform each exercise effectively, including the number of reps and sets depending on your individual goal.

3 Sections of Ab Muscles



Basic Sit-Up (Full Sit-Up)

Fitness Drive Full Sit-Up

3/4 Sit-Up

Fitness Drive 3/4 Sit-Up Position 1


Fitness Drive 3/4 Sit-Up (Crunches)

Side Crunches

Fitness Drive Side Crunches

V Sit-Ups

V Sit-Ups


Fitness Drive Plank



Leg Raises

Fitness Drive Leg Raise

Bent  Knee Hip Raises

Fitness Drive Bent Knee Hip Raise


Six Inches

Fitness Drive Six Inch Ab Exercise


Reverse Crunch

Fitness Drive Reverse Crunch

Raise Toe Touch

Fitness Drive Toe Touch

Air Bike

Fitness Drive Air Bike


Fitness Drive Plank



Alternating Heel Touch

Fitness Drive Alternating Heel Touchers

Scissor Kicks

Fitness Drive Scissor Kicks

Side Bends

Fitness Drive Weighted Side Bends

Side Planks

Fitness Drive Side Plank

Russian Twist

Fitness Drive Cross Sides

Click here to check out the Ab routines and challenges on the Routines page!




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