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Bigger Arms in 2 Weeks

We all want to have bigger arms. Lets face it, we want muscles that are bulging out of our shirts. We want our muscles to look massive from the side, back and head on like Sergio Olivia (professional bodybuilder in the featured image). The problem we run into is that is seems to take so long to get them that way. You might typically work on your chest, triceps, and legs on one day and do the back, biceps, shoulders, and abs on another. This is a great routine to keep following for overall strength and to constantly engage each muscle group every other day. The problem with this when trying to get bigger arms… if you add more workouts to concentrate on your arms, your body is already tired and you wont be able to work them out like you should.

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“Contender” Full Body Workout Routine

Exercising regularly helps to enhance and maintain our bodies physical fitness. The best way to stay motivated and continue exercising is to establish a Routine or Routines and are critical in accomplishing your workout goals. The different routines will help in losing weight or putting on more weight.

Okay, so you have decided to start working out and have taken a look at all the different types of exercises to workout this and that… But the question remains, how do I put it all together… whats going to give me the best results… when should I workout this and that and how often…?


If you have questions like this, Good! It just means you are ready to make a difference. Even the Pro’s struggle with these questions. But you are in luck, below is the Fitness Drive CONTENDER¬†Workout, a Full Body Workout that will bring you into the fight. It is designed to jump-start massive gains by¬†engaging every muscle group for noticeable results in less than 1 week. Continue reading ““Contender” Full Body Workout Routine”

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Exercising regularly helps to enhance and maintain our bodies physical fitness. It has also been proven that exercise helps overall health and wellness. You don’t have to exercise just because you are trying to put on weight or lose weight, it can be done to improve overall health. It establishes a routine and has shown to improve mental alertness.

This page will help you navigate through the several exercises in Fitness Drive. Click on the different muscle groups or picture to see exercises that target those specific areas. If there is something you do not see but would like more information, please leave me a comment and I will add them. Also, please join my mailing list.

To find the right exercise routine for you please visit the Routine page or click link. On the Routines page you will also find Cross-Fit training workouts.

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Benefits of High Intensity Workouts for Men and Women

High Intensity Workouts are ideal for burning calories and fat. It is one of the quickest ways to get defined and minimize the time you have to workout each day. Most people spend hours running on treadmills hoping for results. There is nothing wrong with that since results will come in time. To expedite the result Fitness Drive recommends switching it up. Get off the treadmill and go running for real and see the world. Continue reading “Benefits of High Intensity Workouts for Men and Women”