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Benefits of High Intensity Workouts for Men and Women

High Intensity Workouts are ideal for burning calories and fat. It is one of the quickest ways to get defined and minimize the time you have to workout each day. Most people spend hours running on treadmills hoping for results. There is nothing wrong with that since results will come in time. To expedite the result Fitness Drive recommends switching it up. Get off the treadmill and go running for real and see the world.

  • Running in the streets will be more beneficial that running stagnant on a treadmill. The reason for this is because you can run on different terrains and speed up or slow down when you want. Lets say your making laps around a track. Do half the lap as fast as you can pushing as hard as you can. Do the rest of the lap at a moderate pace. Do not stop and continue another lap the same way. This is going to be the most beneficial by completing it for a duration of time. Fitness Drive suggest 15-20 minutes. Make sure you savor the sweat, if you aren’t sweating as much as before, then you better speed it back up.

High Intensity Workouts don’t just mean running, it includes weight training. Do not be afraid to use weights in your training. Targeting different muscles groups with light to moderate weights will help burn the fat in more than that area. 10-20 pounds is a good amount of weight to use for either guys or girls. Most workouts consist of doing certain amount of reps than taking a rest before doing it again. In High Intensity Workouts there are no break, it is a continuous movement going from one workout to the next.

  • This requires 4 workouts combined together. Grab weights at your side in both hands, squat down and come up. Each time you come up throw jabs in the air as if you are hitting your reflection in the face before squatting again. Do 10 times with each hand, which will also be 20 squats. Move on to the next phase of the workout without resting. Start throwing uppercuts by concentrating the efforts in your abs and raising the weight to your face (you will have a mild twist of the waist that will work your obliques). Do this 10 times with each hand. Its now time to move on to the 3rd phase. While gripping the weights hit the floor and do 10 push ups. Then for the 4th and final phase, immediately lay on your back with the weights in the air and do 15 crunches. Sounds simple enough but don’t stop there, try to challenge yourself by repeating it again without any rest (This is just one way of using weights for a High Intensity Workout).

The question I hear all the time is why does this work so well? The reason behind it is that muscle requires more calories. So as you burn the fat, you increase the muscle. Don’t worry with the 10-20 pound weights you will not get big and bulky, you will get very tone. So without changing your diet you still get that tone healthy look you were working for. Will changing my diet give me faster results? Absolutely, but it is not necessary unless you have a time goal you want to hit (check out different diets by clicking here).

You can create more High Intensity Workouts by incorporating standing and floor moves without rest. Fitness Drive is constantly improving the different workouts available check the Routines page for new and updated routines. Click the follow button to get updates immediately.

Don’t forget to replace what you lost. Using a Recovery Drink can help replenish the vital nutrients and get you to your goal faster.

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