Fitness Drive Curling Weights For Bigger Arms


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The Biceps consist of 2 heads; one head’s function is to bend the elbow and the other is to rotate the hand (try it and see how your biceps move). Strong Biceps help to lift when needing to bend the elbows and help maintain weight when bending the elbow is not required.

Strengthening each aspect of the arms will help in exercises for other sections of the body and ultimately enable lifting more weight. Do not be fixated in working on just one component of the arm unless it is actually weak or else you are minimizing your potential.

Click on the images below to find out more about the exercise. The same exercise may work multiple areas. To find an exercise routine that will maximize your gains, view the Routines page.

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Concentration CurlsFitness Drive Curling Weights For Bigger Arms

Preacher Curls

Fitness Drive Preacher Curl

Cable Preacher CurlFitness Drive Cable Preacher Curl

 Dumbbell Bicep CurlFitness Drive Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Click here to check out the Arm routines and challenges on the Routines page!

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