Calve Stretches

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The muscles of the Calves act to stabilize the ankles and feet as well as provide the power to push forward. The calves work to lift the heel when you run, walk and jump. If you are trying to increase your vertical jump, you need to strengthen your calves. There aren’t a lot of exercises for the calves since there is basically one motion. It is a 2-step process to build the calves. One is to do stretches to loosen and lengthen them, the other is to do calve raises to strengthen them. Strengthening the calves will help in exercises for other sections of the body and ultimately enable lifting more weight.

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Calve Stretches

Against The Wall Calve Stretch

Calve Stretches help loosen and elongate the calve muscles as well as the muscles in the foot. These muscles typically don’t have pockets of fat around them so they are easily discernible by flexing the feet. Calve Stretches can be done with or without weights and can be done either standing or sitting. It is one of the exercises that can be done multiple ways. To perform the calve stretches, the knee is straight and the toe is pulled or pushed towards the shin. (Holding the stretched position for 15 seconds is a rep). In the picture above the leg with the straight knee is the one being stretched.

Seated Calve Stretch
Seated Calve Stretch

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