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Finding an exercise routine is great… but there is always confusion of what to eat. Even if your following a certain diet, most of the time it says you should eat more of this and that… Great, now how do I make this and that into a meal. Sure enough you are not going to carry around a bag of broccoli because the diet said you should incorporate that into your diet. You might have searched several different meal ideas and started thinking, “I’m going to eat that everyday for how long”. The truth is… coming up with an idea for a meal is not as easy as it seems. We have more important things on our mind like, “how am I going to get through being miserable at another day of work with a bonehead as a boss”… which clearly doesn’t leave much room for creativity. Don’t worry about a thing, whether you are following a diet, on an exercise routine, or just looking for delicious food ideas; this page is designed to give you a variety of food ideas.


“Many people think that you have to go on some sort of strange or crazy diet to lose weight. We have heard all of them out there and they are not easy to make ourselves follow – low carb, juicing, etc. We have developed things in life that are the hardest to break – habits. Regardless of what it is, it seems to be hard to change and it should be. We develop habits based on what we “feel” we want. If I like to get a massage its because I have determined it “feels” nice and I don’t have to get punched in the face to know that would not feel good (please don’t go get punched in the face to see if I’m telling the truth). The same goes with what we eat. We eat because we feel hungry and depending on how hungry we feel determines how much we eat.”… Take me to Article…

For different food ideas and routines checkout my Diets page where you will find food ideas for losing, maintaining or gaining weight.

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