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Benefits of High Intensity Workouts for Men and Women

High Intensity Workouts are ideal for burning calories and fat. It is one of the quickest ways to get defined and minimize the time you have to workout each day. Most people spend hours running on treadmills hoping for results. There is nothing wrong with that since results will come in time. To expedite the result Fitness Drive recommends switching it up. Get off the treadmill and go running for real and see the world. Continue reading “Benefits of High Intensity Workouts for Men and Women”

Running To Better Abs

Lets face it… You want that polished look for your abs but it seems to be the hardest thing to develop. You have been doing tons of sit-ups and side bends and aren’t seeing the results. You are determined, I will give you that.

But realistically that is not all you have to do to shed the weight and burn the fat. Sad truth is that stomach fat is the last to drop off. When trying to change the fat to muscle ratio it doesn’t happen at a concentrated point rather than a proportionally. What this means is that you will lose little bits of fat from your legs, butt, back, arms, neck, and stomach proportionally. If that doesn’t make sense think of it this way, when was the last time you saw someone that had a flat stomach but the rest of their body was flabby, not thick as in muscle strength but flabby. When you see weight loss you see your entire image of a person shrinking inwards. If you are already fit and are developing your abs, surprise surprise, its the same way. The only difference is that you are toning the rest of your body while you are doing your abs by burning more fat all over. Once the heavy pockets of fat are burned off your abs, the muscles will then start to become visible. Continue reading “Running To Better Abs”

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Different Techniques for Different Results

Depending on your goal, 3 different techniques you could follow are listed below. Pick the one that will work the best for you and watch the results start to develop. The Fitness Drive Fat Burn technique only takes 6 minutes to execute. It consists of fast motions with short rest periods to maintain a high caloric burn rate. This is a timed exercise and should … Continue reading Different Techniques for Different Results

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“Indestructible” 4 Day Workout Routine

Seriously! You have been doing the same routine for some time now and can’t feel the results like you did before. Basically, it became easy. You now need a bigger challenge that will leave you totally fatigued. You want the feeling you got when you first started working out, when your muscles were on fire for several days after. Where you felt the tingling tension pushing tight against your skin each time you would move. You want that feeling where you felt you were in pain but felt indestructible at the same time. Its time for the Fitness Drive INDESTRUCTIBLE Workout.

If you have questions, Good! It just means you are ready to make a difference. Below is the Fitness Drive INDESTRUCTIBLE Workout, a Full Body Routine to be completed in 4 days. This is designed to challenge your muscles with targeted force for huge impact you can see and feel instantly. Continue reading ““Indestructible” 4 Day Workout Routine”